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Vagrant Prophecy

In Uncategorized on October 12, 2011 at 8:57 pm

Vagrant Prophecy


Do you think about me? Do you think about the homeless woman downtown who was groaning at that  kiss when we stood on the corner outside of the art gallery? Do you regret breaking my heart? Do you wish you could take it back? Do you get lonely without me? I still miss you.


Street lamps above couldn’t outshine our love.

Two souls, one planet.

We stood there, perfect.

Laughing as she spoke out,

Revoking our love for the joke that it was.

Oblivious we continued on

Marching towards our destiny

A lifetime apart

We piqued that night downtown..

The vagrant calls distant in the night.

She knew that once again she was right.

Obstinate laughter but young lovers can only laugh.

To fill the increasing void inside

Brought on by a faked, impersonable affection.


One sided at best,

And now it’s gone.


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