Poetry Burns


In Uncategorized on November 27, 2015 at 2:21 pm

Sleep escapes me.

The sun rises.

I resist the urge to reach for a pill to bring on the cold, unfulfilling sleep of science.

Pain could be relieved.


Can’t seem to close my eyes, under invisible duress.

Thoughts race, unbidden.

Voices from the past.

Chastisements, previously unheard.

What if I had?
What if instead..?

Circles and circles.

I am not OK!

I want to shout but it would fall on deaf ears.

Everyone so concerned with themselves.

Guilty of the same, I sit alone.

Memories, shattered and jagged.

Cutting like glass.

Blood, bright red and dripping.

Fading into a foreboding crimson.


Fetid, stinking.

Putrid like my soul.

Streaks of ingratitude.

Moments forgotten, taken for granted.

A life lived.

For what?




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