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Like the melody, you escape me.

I remember every beat, every note.

Until you turn from me.

Can’t recall a single sound.

Until I have you around.

Don’t terrorize me with this solitude.

I hear these whispers in the night.

Investigate sounds with no sense of what’s right.

Hands reaching for something familiar and strong,

Unable to resist what I know to be wrong.

This melody can’t escape me again.

Remember every feeling I had back then.

Nothing can be the way it was.

Diluted, and empty.

A pale comparison,

This melody has been done before.

It’s nothing new, it’s nothing great.

We both wait, bated breath.

Hoping to recreate.


A Fever of Love

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Like a plume of smoke, your presence wraps me in a haze, a blissful embrace.

I’m dizzy with you.

Having you near and so full of life, your stories breathe life into me.

I want to feed from you.

I let you feed from me.

Two souls, coming together in a mash up of glorious, blinding light.

Taking my hand, you lead me down.

I follow you, ignorant in my bliss.

Grasping for a bottom that will never come.


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Break me free!

Take me out of here

I can’t be contained.

Who will release me?

Can’t live this life of shame.

Storm clouds above

Earthquake below.

Tell me a secret, if it’s one I should know.

Holding on to something

Wishing it was more

Never really certain

What I had been hoping for.

This cage you built me out of shards of glass.

It’s drawing blood, horrible blood.

I’m drowning in it,

Captured once and forgotten.

Left to rot and fester.





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We woke up this morning

Had nothing to say

Thought things might be different

But we made it this way

Now I’m at the bottom, and you’re looking down.

So high on your pedestal, while I’m here on the ground.

Maybe we can find a happy place, again.