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Deja Vu

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  • It isnt fair the way you torment me.

    No courtesy, what did I do to deserve this?
    I’m burning up inside.

    I’m fragile, don’t you see the truth?

    I look back on nights spent in your arms

    I wonder what went through your mind

    Were you thinking of ways to let me down easy?
    You must have not thought very hard.

    I’m still falling and I can’t see the bottom,

    I’m flailing helpless and alone.

    You did this.

    Are you graceful in  your solitude?

    Bereft of all sensation

    And I whisper that I hate you again.

    But I wont ever feel that way about you again.
    You did this.

    Are you stagnant in your melancholy?

    Brave in your icy tower?
    Cold, alone and distant.

    You did this.

    Shards of broken glass, you wouldnt bother to pick me up.

    I can cut and they will bleed.
    No regard; I learned from the best.

    Are you empty in your calousness?

    Haunted by my memory

    Left alone to crawl around the carcass of our love.


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Another night alone,

Waiting, restless by the phone

If being with you feels so right

How come I feel so wrong?

It’s getting to me

These restless evenings

Pacing circles, going nowhere

Grasping onto memories

I know it’s not just me

I see it in my dreams

These nights in your arms

Feel numbered

I don’t know how to stop it

I can’t even say these words.

They rupture a part of me as they exit through these keys.

Admitting that you’re a mystery to me

How long until I see?

You seem to hide the parts of you that you don’t think I should see

Meanwhile I’m baring my soul and the deepest parts of me

Not surprised.

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It was everything I ever dreamed it wouldn’t be.

What is the point imagining an outcome I can never predict?

Always disappointed.

Always second best.

Never what I wanted.
Am I really shocked?

Haven’t years of disappointment chipped away at any hope or a happy lie?

Why is my hopeful optimism so resilient

When I’m always let down.

Picture me the fool in this situation.

Am I really surprised?

Tearing away at this fantasy

I’ve built for us.

Bit by bit, you take away

The sense of security I’ve struggled to hold onto.

Tossed it out.

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I wrote a song yesterday,

In it I traced pathways in the stars with your eyes.

I used your tongue to tell the tales of wonder that you evoke in me.

Today I toss it out.

Burning the waste bucket

The flame takes me under, I’m open to it.

Don’t put me out.

I’d rather burn than relive this pain you’ve caused.

This confusion has my mind chasing it’s tail with no end in sight.

I’m blind, all I see is betrayal.

My throat is burning and parched from the smoke burning my lungs.

But I’m hoarse, I scream out.

But there is no fire here.

Only deception and heartache, doled out with no regard for empty shattered hearts.

Take me out, it’s garbage day.

Back to wherever I came, you say.

It will come back to you.

I can’t be sure but it feels nice to hope for eventual revenge.

Taking out the trash again,

Thought that we were more than friends.

I wonder when I will trust again.


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It’s how I feel when I look

into your eyes


Is anywhere I am with you

Hold me longer

Dont let go

I dont want to be without you.

Your hands, two messengers.

Destined to deliver

I’m eager, it’s almost painful

Need to feel you

All over me.

First breathe you in

Outside of myself

Inside of you

Last in line

Do I inspire y ou?

Like how I long to

See you feel

What I know

We’ve creeated, I hope we’re never done

Being this way.

Rented Limosuine

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Another stetch limo

Slithers past this glittery evening chaos

Inhabitants cloistered, unseen

A mystery,

But you know its just

Someone like you

Pretending to be someone for one night.

This night.

Paid by the hour.

Who’s someone now?

Ocean Fog

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There you crouch

Is it safe down there?

Something crawls out.

I dodge another bullet.

See how it defines

In what way it builds.

You can’t judge

It’s not typical

Might confuse you or kill us both.


Me, I’m safe.

Decaying, years of punishment.

Gluttons abound.

No solution, no common ground.

No possible way to make this work.,

Forcing pieces of the puzzle together

That do not fit.

2 peices, 2 different puzzles.

2 color schemes.


Not meant to be.



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Do you remember how it used to be?

The feeling was mutual between you and me.

Mistakes were made.

We’ve burned our last bridge.

I have to accept the past is not going to be repeated.

What was once us is now a pile of ash.

Where do I scatter the ashes of our broken love?

Nothing will do it justice, the ire burning in our hearts.

The flame flickered then it died.
Extinguished forever, only to live on in my memory.

Do you ever look back, wish it was different?

I know my faults, you know my weakness is you.

Let me go, leave me be.

Once you leave I can try to be myself again, without you tearing me down.

Building me back up with empty words and lies.

I’m buying it again, make me feel worth it.

Take it away is how we operate.

Give me a break, I’ll gladly run away from you.

Your smell, the cigars cling to your clothes, and I can still smell you.

Get out of my bed, leave my house.
Stay out, dont come back.

You’re bracing for attack.

You see me begging you back.

Wish you’d ignore me again so I can get on with my life.

There you go again making excuses to urge me to stay,

let it be how you want and all I get is hurt.