Poetry Burns

Made You Look

In Disenchantment. on December 4, 2012 at 2:17 am

“I liked your poem, it moved me”
Didn’t know you could even feel.
Those words made it all so clear, what I needed all along.
To know that you could taste even a fraction of my spite.
Makes it worthwhile to know,
I must have done something right.

Testing myself.
I passed, you failed.
It’s justification that I’ve waited years to feel.
I can focus on what’s tangible to me.
Now you’re just a ghost; a memory.

Watch me as I leave your life.
“Stop blowing up my phone,” I laugh as I grab the doorknob.
When I get to my car there’s already a text,
“I’ll never stop”

It’s cute, I say.
It’s flattering to know you still want me.
This life I’ve built for myself is too valuable to throw away for you.
I always suspected it, now I know it’s the truth.


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